We are an independent financial planning company. Independence means we are able to access all products and all providers  – giving you a totally unrestricted advice solution.

Oracle sets the bar high.  We demand high standards of integrity and technical competence.  We are very highly qualified, experienced and determined to help you succeed.

Our job is to understand what it is you want to achieve and using our expertise to help you get there.

We won’t overcomplicate matters, nor attempt to blind you with financial science.

Our Investment Philosophy

We are delighted to offer clients new & old access to the expertise of IBOSS Asset Management Limited.

They are well respected in the Industry for providing model portfolio services and share the same philosophy and ethics as ourselves. Their directors have an extensive knowledge of the financial services market with over 50 years of combined experience in running and managing client service businesses, including over 20 years of working together.

We believe that their investment knowledge in conjunction with our advisory qualities offer clients an attractive proposition and builds on existing model portfolio services. Key benefits include- access to cheaper underlying investments, and streamlined administration.

We believe that the success of fund management has come from an open and pragmatic approach to investment. We also believe that different styles of management, tools and research work in different parts of the investment cycle and therefore maintain a flexible investment process. They operate a core asset allocation and have key themes set out in their Investment Philosophy. We believe that a small team is important in allowing ideas for conviction to be implemented, whilst ensuring there is opportunity for challenge and debate.


Independence – We are fiercely independent and perform all research conscientiously with the highest level of diligence and thoroughness.

Rational Investment – Our chosen investment partners are IBOSS Asset Management Ltd who will only invest in assets which have a fair risk return profile. Investments with higher than expected returns will inherently have more risk. Risk can be qualitative (e.g. liquidity / default) as well as quantitative (e.g. standard deviation). If the risk of an asset does not provide sufficient expected reward, or the risk cannot be assessed, then they will not invest.

Diversification – We believe that retail investments should be diversified. The Asset Management team will strive to minimise the risk of unsystematic shocks through diversification. This is applied to the overall fund, and will also be considered when selecting an asset.

We believe that markets are only generally efficient in the long term. Therefore, active managers may only be able to exploit inefficiencies over a long period. Concentrated funds can suffer long periods of underperformance. Therefore, to be included, the long term expected return must be significantly higher for the risk taken, than with a more diversified fund in order to be selected.


Structure – The structure should be robust and not pose unacceptable risk.

Process – The investment process should be robust, transparent and understood.

Performance – The analyst should be confident that they understand the drivers and reasons for performance.

Cost – The costs of investment should be known and considered reasonable for the type of investment. Investments will always be assessed after costs.

Risk Warning- The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested.