We are independent financial planners. We are highly qualified, experienced, passionate and determined to help you succeed.

Our job is all about listening to you and understanding what it is you want to achieve. It’s about exploring your values. Why is money important to you? If it isn’t, what motivates you? What things do you want to achieve in life?

Once we’ve listened we can then create sophisticated solutions that make your life better, perfect perhaps….well perfect for you. We won’t overcomplicate matters, nor attempt to blind you with financial science.

What do you want your future to look like? What things need to be in place now?

Financial Planning is not about selling products to you, products are boring. Interesting is finding out what you want out of life, what is the money for, when do you want to spend it, what are you going to spend it on and how much are you going to need. If, like most people, you don’t know all of the answers we’re here to help. Interesting is to help you grow your wealth, protect your wealth and pass on your wealth. Interesting is helping you make money and pay less tax.

It’s not about false promises of exaggerated investment returns, it’s about creating a plan – a strategy – one that you understand and are happy with. It’s about keeping in touch and meeting up year after year, to review your plan.

It’s about creating a plan – a strategy that you’re happy with.

Everyone promises that they will give you a first class service, unfortunately we know the reality often falls short – at Oracle Wealth we enjoy being different, we aim to give you a remarkable experience, meet with us, try us out for free.